Are you thinking about getting your four-legged friend something custom made? Then you've come to the right place!

Some dogs have unusual measurements that makes it nearly impossible for them to fit into store bought clothes, which is where our custom clothes come in.

We will take your exact measurements and make sure that the garment we make is specifically designed for your pooch.

We just need three simple measurements to get started.

Please refer to this guide to make sure you are getting the right measurements so I can make your garment perfectly! 

Dog Measuring Guide


Pretty easy, right?


Are you concerned that your dog needs something even more custom than just their measurements? Are you concerned there's no way you could find something tailor-made for your friend?

One of our biggest missions is helping dogs of all needs - physical and medical - to have clothes that fit, suit their needs and make them feel great!


Here are just a few examples of our custom clothes that have been highly tailored to their dogs.




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