About Us

Paws and Whiskers Farm is a family business which was created in 2019. It is run by a family of three people and three rescue dogs. Each item is handmade by a wife and husband team in New Hampshire. We specialize on making clothes for dogs of all shapes and sizes and keeping pups comfy and cute!


We all started thanks to our three rescue dogs Picasso, Dolly, and Wade. Each one of them has an extremely unique shape, which made it very difficult to find anything that fit them in the stores. Picasso is a chiweenie and weighing only five pounds all of the tiny clothes were much too short on him. Dolly is a true pit-mix with a chunky body and big smile all of the cute girl clothes I wanted to dress her in would never fit. And Wade is a wide German shepherd mix with a very deep chest that constantly ripped through anything I tried to buy him. Living in New Hampshire each dog had many needs for clothing, the wet spring and summers caused them to be constantly muddy and soaking wet and the cold falls and winters left them shivering. I started to make clothes that would fit them properly and keep them clean, warm, and protected.


Flash cut to today! I adore my full time job of being able to make something unique that not only helps dogs but make people happy! Dogs have always been such a huge love in my life and such a huge inspiration and factor to me and I love that I am able to help them in whatever was I can! We always love to see our customers and we love to talk about our dogs as well as yours!